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Advanced digitization and data management services

In short

The main challenges for optimizing the operation that every organization faces are identified in the following:

  • Speed of folder/document retrieval
  • Possible incorrect physical filing or loss of files/documents
  • Possible destruction of files/documents due to age and storage conditions
  • Security against possible physical destruction
  • Excessive staff workload
  • Costs of storage, retrieval and production of copies by external partners


Based on the above, it is evident that the processing of forms implies significant costs, both in terms of resources and time, as staff is engaged in additional activities beyond their core tasks.

It is now easily possible to take advantage of the provided automations and speed up your processes, reduce your operational costs, having your data quickly and reliably. Choosing our proposal offers:

  • Automation
  • File Maintenance in digital form
  • Avoid data corruption
  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI – cost recovery)
  • High quality and reliable results
  • Extensive and comprehensive functionality
  • Scalability and Adaptability
  • Easy to use and simple installation
  • Utilization of customer resources


In addition, we mention that this solution can be used for any kind of form – process, such as documents, contracts, applications, etc.

Digital Partner with specialized human resources and extensive experience in digitization, Data Capture and sensitive data management projects ensures:

  • GDPR Ready Solution
  • Planning, analysis, project implementation
  • Experience in internal processes and calibrations of large organizations
  • Data security of the data to be processed
  • Availability for immediate start of work
  • Quality of services
  • Affordable cost
  • Consistency in implementation time

Digital Partner IKE has already been approved as a vendor for Digital SME Transformation – Digital SME platform vendor code 72048, offering digitization solutions such as:

  • Digitization Services of Personnel Files
  • Invoice Clearing


Digital Partner IKE’s specialization is in advanced digitization services. As Digital Partner, we have digitized more than 20,000,000 pages over the last 3 years for major clients in both the private and public sector. These are clients operating in the energy, transport, oil production, telecommunications, IT sectors as well as public sectors and ministries.

How it Works

The Digitization Area can be at the client’s site or Digital Partner’s site if desired

Identification of the total volume to be processed

Receipt of files/documents on a regular basis

A receipt protocol is signed and the files and storage area are coded so that they can be retrieved immediately if required

Special separator pages are inserted per folder / document so that during the scan the documents are automatically separated

Staples are removed from the documents

Correct any pages that are creased – folded

In this step, any peculiarities of the documents, such as bad prototypes, torn pages, etc., are recorded in a special form

Scanning with Fujitsu Scanners ensures the best quality result

Even low-quality documents are perfectly digitized allowing automated data extraction

All PCs have Fujitsu WorkPlace Protect software and their operators perform biometric encryption with AES (256 Bit) algorithms of each hard disk (Secure container) to exclude any possibility of data breech

Automatic categorization of documents regardless of their volume or diversity. Thus, the software is able to automatically identify which category each document falls into. 

Full Text Retrieval of all text in Greek and English (Searchable PDF)

Controls consist of a series of steps and procedures to ensure the smooth running of the process.

  • drawing up and monitoring of acceptance and delivery protocols,
  • a detailed record of the people involved in the documents at each stage
  • communication with the client’s competent persons, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the work and also to resolve any questions or issues that arise and impede the progress of the project,
  • quality checks on the scanned documents,
  • erasing blank pages (non-deliverable),
  • readability and plenitude checks of the material
  • checks of the characterisation data


Indexing of the necessary characterization fields

Use of multiple entry or data table verification techniques to ensure correctness of the entry.

The characterization is done

  • By the method of typing fields such as for example the employee registration number
  • By the method of selection from a drop down menu
  • By the data base look up method of fields. For example having the employee registration number the rest of the data is filled in automatically such as name , surname etc.

At the end of the digitization process, the separators are removed and the set of pages of each document category is stapled using a stapler. The documents are then placed in the envelopes from which they came

Electronic file delivery

  • To CRM
  • To ERP
  • To HR Management


In the context of compliance with the required security procedures that we follow ISO 27001 and in order to eliminate the risk of total or partial loss of the material to be digitized, all magnetic media (hard disks) that will be used in the project will be delivered upon completion of our work.

Delivery of files/documents with delivery protocol

Other Services

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment Rental

MS SharePoint & Power Automate Architecture